Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh dear , I am not the greatest blogger..I have been so snowed under the last few weeks that the poor old blog has been neglected yet again ( I am talking as if I have a reader list of many who are waiting with baited breath ) To sum up ..writers srike is over Hurrah so its back to gruelling routines for all and heavy pressure on Philip. It seems that CBS have chosen to remove the six weekly dark weeks to make up for lost show (due to strike) we pay the price. This means no mini breaks .
The date for my show in June has been set so I have been in a frenzy of redoing paintings , organising catalogues and the shipping to London. I have not been back there for 2 years now -strange ..I have alot of anxiety about the whole thing but I am just doing the work one bit at a time and prepare my self for humiliation..One great thing about this is that I have to make a few small paintings so I have been going up into the canyons and on the beaches with my paints and doing them in situe or en plein air just to be pretentious.
It is an exciting time in America re the elections -the prospect of either Obama or Hilary winning is fantasic and a real hope for change . I get the feeling that most Americans are really fed up with the status quo and cant understand how it ever got this way.

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