Friday, June 19, 2009

Don't Get Me Wrong?

A week or so as I gathered with my very lovely book club members to discuss my dear friend Liza Campbell"s wonderful book "Title Deeds" or the American version " A Charmed Life" I discovered that I have given the impression by this blog that I am rather ambivolent about America. I was mortified to hear this as this is certainly not how I feel and yet can see how one might come to that conclusion. I can safely say now with hand on heart that I like it here.. I like the people , the enthusiasm the hope, the diversity, the lack of pigeon-holing. the lack of defining people by birth or where they went to school .I particularly like it now that its not run by that daft cowboy.When the prospect of returning to London comes up I beak out in a sweat and start to panic at the very thought of it.I think of the the often 30 minute search around the Royal Borough of Ken and Chelsea for a residents parking space on a bitterly cold night versus the indignation I now feel when some one has the audacity to park outside my LA house. I feel outrage at the prospect of having to walk more than a few feet from car to front door..My how lazy and spoilt I have become! I miss the spirit and buzz of London but it is a tough place to live without oodles of cash. Mr Hollywood house wife and I have decided to take the enormous step of applying for Green Cards which means proving that P is indispensible to the US and has unique talents which means we have permanent residence here. It also means I will be legally allowed to take a job ,get a social security number and joy of all joys get a Target charge card...this is how much I like America.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Grace did not like the photo I posted so heres another one

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Exhibits or Exhibitions

Exhibits or Exhibitions

Apologies for the huge gaping space between posts. I have been in a frenzy of multitasking..Just before I got sick with my mystery illness ( I still don't know what caused it ) I started attending a self help group for creative people who find it hard to generate cash and get into debt and have a fear of the brown envelope-although here in LA all unpleasant correspondence seems to be disguised in white envelopes. Within days of me addressing this particular shortcoming which I have suffered from all my adult life I was offered two exhibitions in the UK at Cambridge University and a mixed one at my gallery in London, Long and Ryle My agent said of the Cambridge show " it may not reap tons of cash due to the economy but its top notch stuff for the CV (resume). The other will notice I am trying to speak American titled' Remembered Landscapes 'so I have done one of Pembridge villas and two of the interior of Sicily -Mafia country -possible the most arid and dramatic landscape I have seen Philip and I spent a wonderful summer in Gangi 7 years ago and I have always longed to go back.I have sent out mass emails inviting people to these shows that I shall not be attending which is rather strange. Tickets to London are not within my spending plan and must adhere to self-help groups budget principles which seem to be working.
The other big event has been Graces graduation from Junior High School or Middle School. This has been rather like preparing for a coming out ball for a debutante.We bought a white gown and then the was hair to be coiffed, hair extensions to be bought , a mani pedicure, a makeover courtesy of Mac at Nordstrums ( I could not resist getting one for myself too) . A touching ceremony was held at her school where the teachers paid homage to 27 teenagers who were starting High School in September.
After being on my soap box for three years about the water waste here in CA and the questions "where does the water come from?' and "why do so many people have lawns in these desert conditions?" I was thrilled to hear about a water ban and that you are only allowed to use sprinklers for your lawn on Mondays and Thursdays. At last and about time too I say. We have the lawn of shame is orange and turning yellow compared to all our neighbours flourescent vibrant green. I refuse to water the lawn more than twice a week anyway due to the waste/water bills.Now our lawn will be the same colour as everybody elses.