Friday, January 18, 2008

new year

Its an utter disgrace, the amount of time I have neglected the old blog- I have excuses mind you-rotating illness, children on school holidays and us settling back to a gruelling work routine. P is back to high pressure- last weekend we went away just the 2 of us to the desert for I night - It felt very indulgent but it is so easy to forget the other person when swamped by small ginger individuals always needing this or that, So much so that I am at a loss as to what to say other than"pass the wipes" or could you make sure they have done their teeth. So I had to rediscover the art of conversation to ones spouse.
I have finally managed to loose myself in work resisting the pull of Facebook (apart from Scrabulous) It is a great feeling and I realise I have done full circle. I am painting my friend Oscar , who sat for me 14 years ago .
The good news is the Directors have made a deal and there fore are going back to the negotiating table with the writers. we pray for a deal.

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