Friday, January 18, 2008

new year

Its an utter disgrace, the amount of time I have neglected the old blog- I have excuses mind you-rotating illness, children on school holidays and us settling back to a gruelling work routine. P is back to high pressure- last weekend we went away just the 2 of us to the desert for I night - It felt very indulgent but it is so easy to forget the other person when swamped by small ginger individuals always needing this or that, So much so that I am at a loss as to what to say other than"pass the wipes" or could you make sure they have done their teeth. So I had to rediscover the art of conversation to ones spouse.
I have finally managed to loose myself in work resisting the pull of Facebook (apart from Scrabulous) It is a great feeling and I realise I have done full circle. I am painting my friend Oscar , who sat for me 14 years ago .
The good news is the Directors have made a deal and there fore are going back to the negotiating table with the writers. we pray for a deal.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Back at work

So we welcomed 2008 with the fantastic news that bathrobe can be hung up and beard can be shaved- Philip is going back to work - hurrah. We are in the very fortunate position of being the employees of David Letterman who has made a serperate deal with the WGA and owns his own slot on CBS so he can do as he pleases. There are only 30 WGA writers allowed to work in the US and P is one of them. We have huge amounts of gratitude as more loans were about to be taken out., but also a fair amount of survivors guilt. I feel so badly for the thousands of writers still striking for what is fair and just, as I know what living with uncertainty in a money obsessed society is like. The show has had alot of press and Craig devoted the whole 1 hour show to stand-up rather than have guests on..Never have I been so gad to be reunited with Philips sketch sub personalities- SiR Cecil Wesley Hogg , the Edge , Camilla Parker Bowles, My personal fave -the french film maker Jean Luc Batard, Herr Pees and the photographer Mario Biscotti- we love you all .