Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gabriel is 7

It was Gabriels Birthday yesterday and the day before we hosted a party for 22 boistrous children , luckily contained at" my gym'where games and activities are provided and I just sit back and observe the chaos rather than try and manage it . Thank God it is someone elses job for 2 hrs -well worth every penny of the $350 spent. There was one problem I had not forseen and that is sometimes one has to entertain the parents who choose to stay behind and watch,most are really pleasant , some have become great friends but there is usually one , who cannot draw breath and insists on having an intense conversation about the drawbacks of the PTA and problems with the school- all this while I try to lay out the pop corn and crisps ..It is Ocsar day and La is in a flurry of females "optimisation" and award and party obsession - I relanted yesterday and had a manicure and eyelash tint.Grace preparing for a Bat mitvah had a pedicure and manicure-at 12 years old -what am I doing.This is my contribution to optimisation- I sometimes feel peer pressure and find my self browsing the plastic surgery , botox etc sites but I end up thinking about Carcasson in France - a beautiful city that has been over -restored, so many here look over-restored- So few get the work "just right" so you dont even know they have had it-Anyway never say never.

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