Friday, February 22, 2008


I forgot to mention Zandy, my brothers visit, He swept into California from London for the WEEKEND and was up and alive with no signs of jet lag. It was great to see him after 2 years and we blizted the various hot spots and beaches.
well its all about the oscars here -people do "oscar parties" here -gathering at a someones house or Mansion and sitting in front of their small cinema sized plasma screen and shouting at the TV. Last year we went to My friends Sar and Wal and there was a sweepstake on who would win what for a $100 - I got quite worked up and competitive - my inner compulsive gambler was awakened.Also all sorts fly in from London so it is a chance to see old friends..Last night we went to see our friend Sachas film at a screening at CAA- a marbled palatial agency with valet parking etc. The film Anvil (about a struggling heavy metal band) was moving , unusual and put a new spin on our ideas of success and the triumph of the human spirit and the tenacity of the rock artist- anyway it was truely great.I loved every minute and hopefully it will be out in the autumn. One of the band "lips" was there selling the bands CDs which had been in the boot of his car.

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