Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting perspective

One of the things i miss most about London is Great Western Studios where i had a workspace from 1994 til I moved here in 2006. It housed about 100 artists and one could move in and out of solitude if you wanted.I had many friends there and it was beautifully managed by the lovely Adam. Today i received a tragic email regarding one of my fellow comerades at said studios- a lovely woman called Natasha who made wonderful tin sculptures and had been at GWS the same amount of time as I . Natasha who was about 40 had suffered a massive stroke leaving her unable to move or communicate, like the nightmare scenario in Julian Schnabels "The diving bell and the butterfly". She had two children one of whom was about 10 and a regular child feature at the studios, she also had a partner Sid whom she met on GWS campus, a talented painter, they had been together for years. I cannot stop thinking about the devestation this terrible accident this must have caused the whole family and hope that they are being supported.One feels horribly powerless in a situation like this and we can only pray for a miracle.. These days.when i am moaning that my" Latte is not hot enough", or catastrophising about a" bad hairdo ", or kvetching that i am not wealthy enough ..i now think about Natasha and thank God for the only currency that really means something -Good health.

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