Saturday, March 1, 2008

Esthers Birthday and a Faux pas

Two Birthdays within four days and I need pschycic resussetation- i am burnt out through planning , present buying and dealing with "well he got...she got...situation" This week in Feb is a fertile breeding pit of resentment and hysteria..I decided to make Esters party a very low key event -5 or 6 children and good old fashioned Tea and Party games -pass the parcel , musical bumps.needless to say there was a beed eyed "MOm" watching over my son 7 who was beating all the babies at the party games-"Hes chEATING" SHE ACCUSED' so Gabriel was sent off and melodrama ensued.. when half past five arrived I breathed a sigh of releif- all had gone well without major incident but at 6 oclock 2 Moms decided to arrive fashionable late- half an hour after the party had offically ended.

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