Saturday, March 15, 2008


On the 3rd March we celebrated being in the US for 2 years ( our only travel has been to Mexico during this time due to visa issues). Much has happened in that 2 years and it has gone so quickly. P and I got married on July 1st 2006- It was a classy affair - It happened in Vegas and the ceremony was conducted by ELVIS. There were other "themed" weddings available such as 007 James Bond wedding, A LOrd of the Rings Wedding , Fantam of the Opera and my personal fave -the Austin Powers wedding .P and I chose the "driving into the church in a pink cadillac convertible into a sea of dry ice " option-we wanted to give our guests the "wow" factor..all 30 of them.As you walked into the Elvis chapel there was a sign saying "Forgotten something?" "Rings $7 each"This was a real "class joint "
Philip had Craig as his best man but I was unaware that I needed a matron of honour (someone to hold my miniature bouquet) So I chose my fiend Marj as she walked into the chapel. The ceremony consisted of us dancing to a few Elvis numbers and mumbling a few lines -It felt rather post modern as our three children (all dressed in white) looked on. The whole thing lasted 15 minutes..It was filmed digitally and sent into cyber space so our friends in GB could watch live on the internet.When I threw the bouquet at the end, one guest, who was married I might add was so determinded to catch it that she ran into six lane highway and nearly got herself killed. Two days later the whole event was immortalised on American TV as it was the subject of Craigs monologue on the Show.

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