Saturday, March 1, 2008

Faux Pas

Today we were invited to return to a crime scene where I had committed a holly wood faux pas some 18 months ago. P , I and the children were invited to an actresses Birthday Party in studio city. her husband is a collegue and friend of Ps and they have children the same age as ours . the party was very down-to-earth by LA standards and no showy ostentation or needless glitze, and I (new to LA ) felt relaxed surrounded by other families. I ended up talking to a women who like me had several ginger kids and a ginger husband who was also a writer.Having bonded over our common ginger gene I asked her what she did for a living and if like her husband she wrote..the atmoshere instantly changed and became frosty and hope for my new found ginger commerade went out of the window, I went into the garden and confided in P that I was having difficulty making friends and smarting from the sudden scorn of said woman. He told me that the woman in question was an Oscar winning actress who had also been in a sitcom here for many years. I do not watch TV and i instantly forget actors but here it appears they are Gods and to be noted come what may!!!
The irony of the tale is that today we were invited for Brunch to the same couple who had also invited "Ginger couple". I told our hosts that I had offended the Oscar winner and that I may not be a welcome guest."offended-not in the least- they liked you and wanted to meet you again, thats why we asked you and them together!"

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