Friday, August 29, 2008

US Embassy - the sequel

It too k several hours to get over the sense of injustice of not getting an upgrade on BA....and odd to find oneself back in England after such a short time..We were staying with our friend Frank who lived in the ultimate of "bach -pads" along with 2500 DVDs stored alphaceticaly , 2 zero-gravity lazy-boy chairs in front of wide flat screen tv,office with no less than 4 computers etc Frank however is not typically Bach as he is not only a very good cook , homemaker but also one can talk to him about anything and he's not gay.Grace and I were staying in the girls dorm which very rapidly degenerated into what looked like a set of "animal house" could barely walk through the door for stuff ..So the next morning it was up after a sleepless ,jet lagged night to go to the Embassy again where I am on virtually 1st name terms with the security guards.This time despite getting our paper work well prepared I made the mistake of taking several electronic devices in my bag such ipods and 2 mobile phones.. I was told to deposit them at the local pharmacy for a small fee of $10 and then to pick said items up after our embassy visit.. I was running back and forth along Upper Grosvenor street like a mad woman so that we would not loose our place in the queue, once again I was searched for devices and oh dear they found my bluetooth ...".but thats just a cell phonehead piece "I insisted..oh no that small device was capable of much terrorist mischief I discovered and bombs could be detonated from this seemingly harmless it was running again up to the pharmacy on upper grosvenor street.. ( now on 1st name terms with these guys as well as the US Embassy Security guards) to deliver my head piece...It was not unlike a c"carry-on film".
Any way the rest of our business went smoothly ..there were no swat teams waiting to surround Grace and myself and we managed to get visa stamped.

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