Tuesday, August 26, 2008


so after a month of travel and minidramas I can write the blog again.. a potted history ..Grace and I went back to Blighty flying Britsh airways (I'm afraid not as good as Virgin and flight totally packed so no lying across 4 empty seats(as was my fantasy) and getting a good kip.Unfortunately one has to walk through Business class on the way to coach and get a glimpse of the beds...after a dreadful moisture and humour extracting flight we arrived at the new very wow terminal 5 building which was like being in a science fiction palace or star wars set...very efficent as well and bags were collected.. I was a little piqued as I saw an acquaintance who I had also seen 2 nights befre in LA looking rested and relaxed after the 11 hr transatalantic ordeal...I had a sneaking suspicion but I had to ask...and how was your flight?"great I slept all the way back..." "and why was that?" "oh I was upgraded ...I happened to be standing next to a pop star who gave me his seat as he was upgraded.." How dare she ! I thought..anyway we were picked up by dear Alan our friend and taken to Frank ps place where little did he or I know we wouuld be spending many days....

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