Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Catch-up

Having set myself the almost impossible task on catching upon my posts by writing each episode in detail I am officially throwing in the towel on this ridiculous expectation. For this post I am going to choose the bullet point option to sum up the end of 2009.
1. We got our Green Cards in record time thanks Philip being "An Alien of Extraordinary Ability" and my constant protestations about not being legally allowed to work and wanting a social security card. We made the decision in June and went to our trusty immigration lawyer Warren Winston who filed our case in October. We had to have medicals to prove we dont have HIV and by mid December we had received our Green Cards through the post . The cards are actually pink.
2. the second triumph of the year is our new sofa. We bought our first us sofa off Craigs List when we first arrived in 2006 and after 4 years of having every sticky and slimy food substance known to man smeared into it by the children it looked like it had things growing in it. The torn brown leather had been lovingly patched by Philip with gaffer tape . It was a blot on our living room landscape and gave our house a drunken -student- abode sort of feel. I cant deny my house shame when guests were invited to sit down on this reeking rubbishy piece of furniture. It was also hideously uncomfortable. One day my saintly friend Michaela gave me the tip-off that there was a beauitful sofa for sale at the Santa Monica Salvation Army Thrift shop . I had long time coveted a sofa she had bought there herself which looked like a very fashionable and expensive thing and so I raced over there . There were several mexicans hanging around outside with their pick up vans so I guessed this was a popular choice for furniture. I snapped up the L shaped powder blue sofa immediately plus 2 sets of heavy oak drawers all for $500 and enlisted the mexicans to schlep them back to West Hollywood. The new sofa looks glorious and I guard it religiously from from abuse by spillage and smear. Drinks and food are not allowed near it and the powder blue is covered by throws and blankets..I made myself draw the line at plastic coverlets -.that really would have gone too far. I am sure the powder blue will not be "powder" for too long but I enjoy it while I can.. So much for the bullet points.


Green Card and appendix