Friday, April 4, 2008


I have recently taken alot of time to teach my 7 year old boy to read...yes they start a year later here but all catch up eventually. After many painful sessions of virtually handcuffing him in front of a book he is now fluent and reading childrens books about Pompeii. As he has become literate however he has also become computer savvy as well as learning to spell "ugly words". He takes huge delight in writing the F word and the S word and I find various pieces of paper littered around the house with profanities written on them in his child like scrawl. I turned a blind eye as i believed it was good for his phonic practice. Yesterday though as P and I looked at the history of the computer we noticed that someone had been going to www.F* and also sh* did not take long to work out who this was.Grace told us that he had confessed and had come across a predictably unsavoury porno site with f* but sh*t .com was about grading ones poos! so now we are off to the apple store once again to get a a blocker for children.

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