Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Car is King

who's that pretentious git in the porche covertable? Its the same pretentious git posing in the Bently ! Who the hell do they think they are! Here the car is king , people do all sorts in their car , I have seen eating , shaving tooth brushing ..we who live in this city spend alot of time in the car. you would think nothing of travelling the equivolent of Chelsea to Brent Cross here , infact it would be considered no distance, but most roads here have 3 lanes and although the los angelians complain about the traffic , it is nothing ,NOTHING like the traffic in London.
I have started to be very grateful for many things about living here- I realise that to park my car in the central Los Angeles area on a meter it costs me 50 cents per hour or 25 English pence- Now what would the equivolent cost in London? 8 or nine pounds perhaps.I realise now that I would spend at least 45 minutes a day in london driving around the Royal Boruogh trying to find a residents parking bay and end up parking some two miles away due to the lack of such spaces. Yes it is a hard city to live in and one becomes used to the stress. We had a laugh with our friendn Bernard the other night who has lived here 13 years and tried to move back to England but found it very hard He said he felt it is a country fuelled on Shardenfrauder and that the government is thinking "how can we make life more difficult? I know we will invent a new tax or parking restriction or both if we are lucky !" Not to say I dont love England and despereately want to go back for a visit...I wonder how I would find it?


Andrea said...

hello HH

what is Shardenfrauder? We are trying to look it up on the net - no luck whatsoever!

hoppyholman said...

we here at the boissieux linguist school believe it to mean the womans fear of broken glass. it is currently being used in general conversation as a negative term for anything.

hoppyholman said...

following futher research the boissieux linguists have discovered the true meaning of the word schadenfreuden, yes thats right you numpty you were spelling it wrong are you a lady of the pregnant persuasion? it means people who derive pleasure from others misfortune. good bye.